Revamping the site

Hello friends and family! I’m in the process of revamping my website because the previous technology being used kept crashing the site. I think it’s important to have information available at all times, so I’ll be working hard to get this up and running in an easy way to navigate. I know there have been a lot of questions that I can easily put on to help you get answers without having to wait for a response from me directly.

It’s May, right now, which is typically the slower time of the year for most retailers. I know that there have been some shake-ups going on in the crafting industry, so I’ll do my best to get information here for you as soon as possible! If you’ve come to the site while it’s still under construction, please come back again in a few weeks! Something was conflicting on the site that I have now removed, but I have to reorganize and check everything that was on here before I can get it all situated. I’m not a website expert, so it will take me a little time, but I’ll get it fixed soon!

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