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In 2010, I had my first child. This was when I was introduced to flannel fabric for baby blankets. My grandmother gave me some for my first child and by my second child, I wanted to make my own blankets. I made some wonderful ones and wanted to make more. When I went to the store, I was told the design was discontinued. (What???)

Well, I wasn’t about to make the same mistake twice with my next batch. I bought all the flannel that I liked and could find in the store… which was a little too much. Someone suggested that I sell my blankets on Etsy and after a while I found out that there were more people out there like me that needed the flannel instead… and Snappy Baby was started.​

After a while of selling just what I had extra, I decided to keep growing my shop to help other people find the designs they needed. Today, I carry over 2500 flannel fabric designs and I still actively try to find out of print and hard to find designs for anyone that may need them.​

How can Snappy Baby help you?​

Flannel Fabric!

Over 2500 flannel fabric designs to choose from. Specializing in hard to find prints, you can find many discontinued as well as new designs when you need them! See the designs that are still in stock!

Snappy Baby sells flannel fabric through an Etsy shop.  However, crafting is NOT all about finding the best flannel fabric out there. (That IS super important, though… and fun!)

Many, many people have come to me, both online and in person, and asked questions about various flannel/fabric/crafting related topics over the years.  So, this site is also dedicated to sharing information about flannel fabric and fabric crafts.

My twin sister and I are now on YouTube with our adventures and guides and one of our first adventures was purchasing a storage unit at auction FULL of craft items! Take a look, subscribe, and join us in our adventures:

Find Projects

Flannel fabric has a variety of uses from baby blankets and quilts to applique and table runners. You won’t run out of ideas for using flannel fabric in your crafts!


Whether you are looking for general craft information or trying to figure out how to protect your creation, you can find information on all of that here.

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Making money with your crafts can be rewarding in many ways. I have several options for making money that you will find useful and I update the information as I get it so you wont' get behind!
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