Flannel Fabric Patterns Exploration

Flannel fabric is loved for its softness, warmth, and cozy appeal, making it a popular choice for various sewing projects. Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or a novice looking to delve into the world of textiles, flannel offers endless possibilities for creating comfortable and stylish pieces. Let’s look at some of the types of patterns that can be beautifully executed with flannel fabric.

1. Apparel Patterns

Flannel isn’t just for pajamas and shirts (although those are fantastic choices!). Its versatility extends to a wide range of apparel patterns. You can create stylish skirts, dresses, and even outerwear like coats and jackets using flannel. The fabric drapes beautifully, offering both warmth and comfort, perfect for chilly days or cozy evenings indoors.

One example of a great apparel pattern for flannel is this Simplicity Dress Pattern that is rated well and has a variety of adorable dress designs. Flannel fabric is a type of cotton, so any pattern that says cotton can use flannel fabric as well!

2. Home Decor Patterns

Flannel’s texture and warmth make it ideal for home decor projects. From throw blankets and pillow covers to curtains and table runners, flannel can add a touch of coziness and elegance to any room. Its insulating properties also make it perfect for items like oven mitts and potholders.

For instance, consider this Simplicity Home Decor Pattern which includes designs for storage buckets and tote bags to allow a creative and decorative look to your home.

3. Quilting Patterns for Flannel Fabric

Flannel quilts are incredibly popular due to the fabric’s soft feel and ability to keep you warm. Quilting patterns designed specifically for flannel often feature larger blocks to showcase the fabric’s patterns and textures. Whether you’re making a traditional quilt or experimenting with a modern design, flannel adds an extra layer of comfort to your handmade creation.

You can find quilting patterns like this Quilt Pattern that are tailored to flannel fabric, ensuring your quilt is as cozy as it is visually appealing.

4. Baby and Children’s Flannel Patterns

Flannel fabric is gentle on delicate skin, making it an excellent choice for baby blankets, bibs, and pajamas. For children, flannel shirts, dresses, and sleepwear are not only comfortable but also adorable. The fabric’s warmth makes it particularly suitable for colder seasons or climates. Designs for flannel have changed over the years to expand through a large number of interests and ages.

Explore patterns such as this Baby Clothing Pattern designed specifically for flannel, ensuring your little ones are snug and stylish. (I recognize one of the designs on the clothing as flannel!)

5. Camping Decor with Flannel Fabric

Although not commonly thought about by people that don’t camp, flannel fabric is perfect for camping decor! From curtains to sheets, flannel is the perfect option for camping. The fabric industry has adjusted over the years and there are even camping themed designs.

Camper patterns are often times difficult to find, but you can use this Simplicity Valance Sewing Pattern to get started on something simple for the windows!


Flannel fabric opens up a world of creative possibilities for sewing enthusiasts. Whether you’re sewing garments, home decor items, quilts, children’s clothing, or camping decor, flannel fabrics softness and warmth will enhance your creations. Experiment with different flannel fabric patterns and designs to make the most of this versatile fabric and enjoy the cozy comfort it brings to your handmade projects.

For those ready to start sewing with flannel, consider exploring these patterns available on Amazon to kickstart your creativity:

  1. Simplicity Dress Pattern
  2. Simplicity Home Decor Pattern
  3. Quilt Pattern
  4. Baby Clothing Pattern
  5. Simplicity Valance Sewing Pattern

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