Selling On Etsy – Successes And Issues With Selling On Etsy

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Over the years, people have asked me many, many questions about selling on Etsy. It’s hard to cover all the answers necessary to address all questions that may come up, but I will try to do it in an interview style so you can find the question you are wanting to ask me and see the answer.

Q: Do you make money selling on Etsy?

A: This is probably one of the most popular questions I receive on a regular basis. The short answer is yes.

The long answer, though, is that I didn’t start out making a profit with what I do. In fact, I didn’t even start out selling flannel fabric! I started selling baby blankets at first and soooooooooo many people would contact me asking if they could just buy the flannel for the same price. I was lucky to see there was a market for flannel fabric back then and quickly shifted. (This is an important lesson in listening to what your customers want.) I still offered baby blankets for sale in the beginning, but do you know how many I sold? Zero. This was because the competition back then for crafted products was so extreme that I was never getting found, except for the flannel that I chose to use for my blankets. So, I shifted and didn’t look back. I absolutely LOVE that decision and it really fits me much better. I no longer offer anything to be made, though, because I’m too busy filling orders of flannel to have time to sit down and make products to sell on top of it!

Making money on Etsy is easy as long as you find something that customers will purchase then make sure to cover ALL of your costs. Remember that right now (these amounts may change in the future), it costs $0.20 to list an item then there is a 5% transaction fee on both the product listing AND the shipping price. There is also a processing fee that varies depending on where you are located. The US processing fees at this time are 3% of the overall amount (transaction plus shipping) PLUS $0.25. So, cover fees, cover material costs, and factor in enough for your labor. I realize there are a lot of people that feel they shouldn’t have to pay you for labor, but if you don’t pay yourself for your time, then why do it?

If you want to try selling on Etsy, make sure to use my link for 40 free listings to get started: 40 Free Listings on Etsy. Using that link BEFORE you start your shop will give you 40 listings to try out for your shop.
(So basically start your shop after you click the link.) It will reduce your costs a little in the beginning to get started!

Q: Is it easy to sell on Etsy?

A: The answer is yes, but no. Coming in and learning something new is always going to take time and can be frustrating. Etsy is also implementing a bunch of changes constantly, so if you aren’t already in there before they make a change, it can be very difficult to know what is going on when the changes are starting. If you have a lot of time to sit and click around, feel like you are fairly good at learning programs and overall computer applications, and have the patience to learn something that you may or may not want to do…. then I highly encourage you to start up a shop and try to sell something! (I suggest this no matter what, though.) If you get frustrated easily, don’t have a lot of time to learn something new (it will still take a little time to “master” techniques), or like to have the coaching style… then you should definitely join our group! Check out our Etsy Courses.

I’ve joined my sister in teaching people to sell online. I focus on Etsy mostly because my shop is in the top 1% on Etsy. This is a pretty good accomplishment! I can’t say that I know EVERYTHING about Etsy, but I have been on there since 2013 selling. I think I started out with just browsing a while before selling. Learning the site back then was difficult, but I took the time to do it and don’t regret it. Now they have a lot of different features and constant updates, so it can get confusing.

I used to send people to the forums to get information, but those have been “under construction” for a while now and are NOT easy to navigate in the least. So, have patience and if you need the coaching, definitely sign up for the Etsy Courses that I helped with! They will be updated as needed and when feedback is given. So ask questions through it if you join, too.