Summer 2024 Update

Hello friends and family! I’m in the process of revamping my website because the previous technology being used kept crashing the site. I think it’s important to have information available at all times, so I’ll be working hard to get this up and running in an easy way to navigate. I know there have been a lot of questions that I can easily put on to help you get answers without having to wait for a response from me directly.

It’s May, right now, which is typically the slower time of the year for most retailers. I know that there have been some shake-ups going on in the crafting industry, so I’ll do my best to get information here for you as soon as possible! If you’ve come to the site while it’s still under construction, please come back again in a few weeks! Something was conflicting on the site that I have now removed, but I have to reorganize and check everything that was on here before I can get it all situated. I’m not a website expert, so it will take me a little time, but I’ll get it fixed soon!

If you are here looking for flannel fabric from the Snappy Baby shop, I have all of the available flannel listed on my Etsy Shop and Merchlet Shop. Technology is always kind of a pain, so please be patient if you run into any problems!

Snappy Baby Email List

I’m also working on setting up a new email list. The last one I had was through Aweber, and all of the new customers were being spammed and VERY mad about the technological issue. It was not my fault, but I decided to stop using that email service. I purchased a new service, but it takes time to learn. So, if you are interested in signing up for the email list, keep an eye out on this website! I will have a sign-up page here for everyone. I WILL be implementing email only coupons to make it worth being on the email list. I will also have exclusive content that will be released through email ahead of being listed on my website. The holidays will hopefully be filled with a lot of coupons or discounts, and you can be the first to know by being on the email list!

New Flannel Fabric Releases

Most companies do not release flannel fabric throughout the year. In fact, most companies only release flannel fabric once a year at most! Some of the bigger flannel fabric companies release 1.5 years to 2 years. I don’t know why it happens, but that’s the way it goes. So, there is really only one company that releases flannel fabric throughout the year. They were restructuring this year, so I have ordered flannel from many different companies that have different release dates. This has allowed me to put up “new” designs every month. I will keep releasing the new designs every month as long as I keep getting them!

I’m sure everyone heard about the bridge issue in the East Coast. It is causing some delays in shipping for many companies. I cannot guarantee any dates of delivery for flannel coming in, but I do not normally sell flannel until it is actually IN my shop and ready to be shipped. I do not have pre-orders at this time, but I’m working on getting a way to do this for those people that want cheaper prices!

Coming Up

I expect more designs to start coming out faster as it gets closer to the Fall. Every year, companies get stocked up for the holidays because that is the biggest selling season for most companies. I try to stay stocked up all year, but I fully expect that I will get back up over 3,000 designs just on Etsy. I am also still working on inventory and trying to find anything that went missing during the pandemic (that was a crazy time). So, you might see some older designs pop back up in my shop as I locate them and get them relisted!

There is a lot going on with my company! I’m also looking at my first bulk purchase on an old design to go through the process. If this works out, I might be working with the company to produce my own designs! This is a HUGE opportunity for me, and I hope that any of you that are interested in using limited edition designs comes back to check this out. It takes about 5 months to get, so it will probably be 2025 before I start with my own designs. I’ll update here as soon as I know more, though!

With all of that going on, don’t forget that I sell the current, in stock flannel fabric in my Etsy Shop and in my Merchlet Shop. Definitely visit those if you need to buy flannel fabric!

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