Patriotic Flannel

Every year, the flannel manufacturers produce Christmas flannel. It is one of the biggest holidays for flannel fabric in the year. Of course, the number one seller in my shop is a Christmas design, but other holiday flannels are pretty popular, too! For patriotic holidays, there is patriotic flannel available.

Celebrating the 4th of July

One of my favorite flannel styles is the patriotic flannel. For years, the patriotic designs have been released in regular cotton and knit. In 2019, there was a big push of patriotic flannel released. It’s not nearly as popular as the regular cotton and knits. However, new patriotic flannel seems to be released every year now. In 2024, the patriotic flannel was released later than usual because of delays in the manufacturing and shipping process. The main company that releases a large number of patriotic flannels was also going through a restructure process. It’s still out there if you want it for Labor Day, which is the next holiday coming up.

Where to Buy Patriotic Flannel

If you have a local store, that’s the fastest way to get patriotic flannel right now. If they have it in stock, then you can probably still make something for the 4th of July! However, not many stores have patriotic flannel in stock. That means you will have to search online. I keep some in stock in my store year-round if possible. It is a flannel theme that I love. I actually try to keep all holiday flannels in stock because most stores take them out of the stores after only a short time after a holiday.

There are many online stores that sell patriotic flannel. Outside of big companies that may have a local location, you can try to check a small quilt shop. The majority of the older patriotic flannel was released by Joann Fabrics. Now, however, other brands have released some of the patriotic flannel. It’s still possible those brands sell in the Joann stores, though.

How Much Flannel is Needed for a Patriotic Project?

The simple answer is it depends on your project. If you are making a simple pillowcase, then 1 yard is enough! Your best bet is to check a pattern for the required amount for your project. Remember that flannel fabric does shrink, so you might want to prewash your flannel. Some patterns require a prewash to make sure shrinking does not change the size.

If you are looking for some project ideas, you can check out my article on Flannel Fabric Patterns Exploration. There are some great ideas on using flannel in many projects. You can basically use flannel whenever cotton is mentioned since flannel is still cotton!

Give a Patriotic Gift to Someone!

I’m not just saying that you can give a patriotic gift to someone because I get gifts on Independence Day. If you are going over to a friend’s or family member’s house, though, then you might want to consider something simple as a holiday decor gift. A hot pad or trivet made with flannel is a great gift for any time of the year, and Independence Day is a great time, too! One of my favorite ideas for flannel decor is a throw pillow. Of course, if you are going to visit someone that you do not know well, then maybe something food related so it doesn’t stick around too long. Holiday decorations do not normally stay up year-round, so if you want to take a gift, make sure they can store it or toss it.

If you are not one that likes to make gifts, though, then do not feel obligated to do so! In fact, there are some wonderful gifts that you can give people that do not require making them yourself. For the kids in our family (and most of the adults), we give out Hair Ties that have a patriotic theme. You can make them yourself with various types of fabrics (including flannel), or you can buy some since they are available in a variety of options.

Another type of make it or buy it gift is a tote bag. This type of gift is great if you are going to a place to watch fireworks. How many times have you wished you brought a bag of goodies to use while waiting for those fireworks to start?

Just Celebrate!

It’s not required to make or buy something to celebrate Independence Day on the 4th of July! Although I love to have the decorations, it’s more important to me to have my family and friends with me to celebrate. No matter your views on any holiday, if you can spend time with friends and family (the ones you want to be with), then it’s probably a great opportunity to enjoy that time!

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